Welcome To The Pro-Fit Podcast

Episode 1 of the Pro-Fit Podcast is a quick introduction to who Pro-Fit Personal Training are, what we do, and how we aim to use our Podcast.

In short, we are a team of 150 Personal Trainers who are working collectively to raise the standard of the fitness industry throughout the UK.

We pride ourselves on results, education, development & values.

After building an outstanding support and education system for Personal Trainers over the last 15 years, we felt it was time to share our knowledge, expertise and systems with the world – so that each and every PT has the opportunity to grow as a result of Pro-Fit’s impact.


The Format Of Our Health And Fitness Podcast

There are 3 main types of episode you will see us producing for the Pro-Fit Podcast…

In-House Expert – This is where we will feature one of our very own team members who is considered an expert in a key area of health, fitness or business development.   

These team members have extensive knowledge of the industry and are each building their own legacy in the fitness industry, through their own efforts with personal training clients and their impact on our team.  

Expert Guest – These guests aren’t part of the Pro-Fit Team but are people we consider as outstanding individuals who are impacting the heath and fitness industry positively. They have key areas of expertise to share with us and our audience – our job is to give you access to them! 

Solo Episode – These episodes are when, Me – your host, Matt Robinson will take you through a shorter episode covering a very specific topic or aspect of running a personal training business. This maybe the result of something a guest has mentioned in one of their episodes, or as part of a mini-series I am covering to give you some insight in to my own personal systems and process being my fitness business.    

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Never Miss An Episode

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