Rich Malpass And His Successful Personal Training Business Model 

Rich Malpass has been a Pro-Fit Personal Trainer for over 8 years. His journey started at the same time as mine, and now, our roles are very similar. For that reason, and the fact that Rich has become a good friend along the way, it felt right that he be the first guest we feature on the show.

And once you listen in, you will see why this is currently our #1 listened to episode of all-time.


How He Started As A Personal Trainer

To start off with, Rich’s story is an unbelievably inspiring one. Without giving too much away, Rich encountered a massive bout of hardship early on in his PT career, which would have made it very easy to throw the towel in and leave the Fitness Industry.

But he didn’t. 

He does a much better job of explaining the story, so I will let you listen in to that one for yourself.


His Personal Training Business Model…

Next, and probably the most impressive part for any PTs out there, is the business model that Rich runs. He runs a fully semi-private model, meaning that he sees ALL of his PT clients in small groups of 4-6 people. Consequently, his PT diary sits at around 11 hours per week, whilst generating a very health revenue stream every month.

This reduced diary then allows him to fulfil some of the other roles he has with the Pro-Fit Team.


How To Look After Personal Training Clients

Despite using a semi-private model, Rich has managed to create a system in which he delivers an amazing experience for his clients. This is important as most PTs feel that one of the pitfalls of a semi-private model is the reduction in ‘value’ and ‘service’ you can offer to your clients, when compared to a 1 to 1 model. 

However, Rich sees things differently.

He believes that by reducing his working diary right down to just a few hours per week, it affords him the time required to look after each of his clients as individuals and provide those extra ‘touches’ that make for an amazing service and experience.

He does a great job of explaining this in full in the episode. 

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