Generating PT Leads Made Simple

In a world full of social media, facebook ad campaigns and email lists – it’s easy to forget that some of the simplest methods of building a service business are the best.

I have been working with clients for nearly a decade now and many of them have worked with me for a period of years, rather than months.

Sure, a big part of that is down to results, service and the experiences I offer clients on an ongoing basis. However, I also believe it was down to how many of those relationships started.

I didn’t capture them as a ‘lead’ on a Facebook ad.

They didn’t receive a call after filling in a random Wufoo form I created.

I didn’t email them on a daily basis for 8 months before they took me up on a ‘special offer’ I was running at the time.

No, that’s just not how I generated the vast majority of my business.

Instead, I went and spoke to those individuals. I got to know them as a person and, in doing so, they got to know me.

You see, people buy from people they know, like and trust – but you probably already know that. And whilst many of the marketing and lead generation methods I mentioned above work well and have built successful businesses, I wanted to remind you that there are still some very simple, yet effective, ways to go out and build something for yourself.

The 3-Step Gym Floor System

In this episode I take a deeper look at the formula Rich Malpass outlines in his interview with the Pro-Fit Podcast and give some examples of how I used a structure like this to generate leads for my PT Business.

To reiterate, I am not saying that Facebook ads, email lists and other social media don’t work – they definitely do and I have used those methods in different forms throughout the years.

But what I am saying is that if you’re newer to the industry, or aren’t so tech savvy, why not stick with what is tried and true? And if you do, why not have a structure to how you use that approach?

That’s what I give you in this episode.

A simple structure to go and approach people on the gym floor, establish a relationship with the, and then position yourself as an expert.

From there, you can build on that relationship and let the person know that you are there to help. That process starts with a consolation process – something I have outlined in another episode.

Here is a quick overview of the 3-Step System…

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