Interview with Matt Dewhurst

At the time of recording, Matt Dewhurst has only been part of the Pro-Fit Team for a matter of months. However, his years of experiences as a coach, and his unbelievably quick success since switching direction and becoming a Pro-Fit Personal Trainer, make Matt an excellent guest to listen too.

Matt’s passions lie in S&C and Coaching, which resulted in him excelling in roles as a Tennis S&C Coach and a head coach at a CrossFit Box. Whilst excelling in both roles, enjoying them and progressing over time, Matt wasn’t always happy with the financial and lifestyle side of these roles.

Long days that never got shorter over time – only longer!

Average pay that never really increased, even though Matt’s knowledge did.

In the end it was time for a change of direction and that’s where Matt’s Pro-Fit journey started.

After meeting one of the owners a few times (Steve), Matt decided to join the Pro-Fit team, and despite that only happening fairly recently, you could argue…the rest is history!

Now busy running his own thriving PT Business, being involved with educating other Pro-Fit PT’s, and earning better money than he every has – Matt is finding the Pro-Fit experience completely different from his other experiences in the fitness industry, but exactly the one he was looking for.

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