Consultation Process for PTs


Back in Episode 3, I outlined a simple 3-Step gym floor process for personal trainers to use as a means of consistently generating PT leads in a simple way. This episode builds on that by taking you through the ‘Next Steps’ once you have got someone to agree to sit down with you and go through a consultation.

In my eyes, your consultation process (and how you go about delivering it) can really be something that makes or breaks you as a Personal Trainer.


Quite simply, there are an abundance of PT’s out there, and whilst there are also an abundance of potential clients, the choice at those client’s disposal is vast. 

An excellent consultation process is one of the things that will set you apart from other Personal Trainers in the industry. Coupled with the 3-Step Gym Floor System, its a really good way to…

1. Get to know your potential client

2. Let them get to know, like and trust you

3. Explore how you can help the person sat in front of you

4. Provide social proof that you can deliver results

5. Show the standard of service you deliver

The consultation really is an amazing opportunity to give an amazing first impression of what it is like for a person to interact with your business/service.

Whilst it’s true that this person may have already interacted with you a few times, this is their first interaction with you as a business/service, as opposed to a friendly face who chats to them on the gym floor. 

Doing this process well will really show them another side of you that’s professional, well prepared, able to help, has expertise, and much more. 

A Quick Side Note…

This episode is not an explanation of what to do IN a consultation per se. The nuances of what goes in to a PT consultation are…

1. Personal to you and your potential client

2. Something you develop over time

3. A whole episode in and of itself!

This episode is about the consultation ‘process’, rather than the ‘content’.

This is an important distinction to make because it is my belief that most personal trainers don’t have any sort of consultation process. Yes, they may have a set of questions they ask to perspective clients or a few sheets for them to fill in. 

However, what they don’t have is a step-by-step system of what to do for a perspective client when they decide they want to sit down with you and talk about your personal training services.

So with that being said, inside this episode you are going to discover 3 key steps in the consultation process…

Step 1

What to do before a personal training consultation. How to set up your process in a way which makes your prospective client feel relaxed, prepared and very likely to show up.

Step 2

What to do during the personal training consultation. Again, not the specific content of the conversation, but an idea of what it is you are trying to use the consultation for and the type of question to ask.

Step 3

What to do after a personal training consultation. Looking at how your follow-up after a consultation with someone can really make a difference to whether or not that person actually shows up to their first session, or whether they don’t sign up at all.

These 3 simple steps, when you really take the time to sit down and work out what your own process should look like, will really improve the way in which your consultations convert in to personal training clients.

It’s not about getting better at ‘sales’ here. It’s about getting better at presenting your business in the right light and showing people how you can help them, what interacting with your business is like as an experience and how your experience and expertise is different from what else is on offer.

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