Interview With Ben Pratt

Ben Pratt is a sleep expert who works as part of the team at Nordic Fitness Education. To say that his experience in the Fitness Industry is vast, is probably an understatement. Within the first few moments of this interview you get an idea of just how knowledgeable Ben is and how much experience he has built up over the last 10+ years.

Now, primarily as an educator, Ben creates courses and learning materials for Nordic Fitness Education. His latest one being the ‘Sleep Recovery Specialist’ course. 

Having taken the course myself, I can say that not only has this course given me a much deeper understanding of sleep and it’s affect on our physiology, it has completely changed my whole attitude towards sleep and it’s importance in establishing, and maintaining, good health – both for myself and my clients. 

 In this interview Ben covers some of the key concepts from within his course and delivers an amazing amount of value in a relatively short space of time.


By the end of this episode you will have a much better understanding of…

– The importance of sleep, in comparison to nutrition and exercise

– The effects of poor sleep on body composition (weight gain, obesity etc.)

– Simple strategies to improve your sleep

– Why our environment is even more important than we realise, in relation to getting better sleep

– How to assess sleep quality for yourself and your clients

– The accuracy and reliability of ‘Sleep Trackers’

…Plus much more.

Books/Resources Mentioned…


Nordic Fitness Education

Sleep Recovery Specialist Course – 10% discount code at the end of the show

Why We Sleep (Book)

Pro-Fit Personal Training Jobs Page

Snippet From The Show… 


Success Despite The Odds...

Sleep has kind of become this default mechanism that we just fall into at the end of the day. 

There’s no preparation for it. There’s no thought that goes into it. It’s just… “I’m now wore out. I lie down and I fall asleep.” 

Unfortunately that usually means that the quality of our sleep is pretty poor and I think, as you mentioned – Matt before we started the call, most personal trainers in particular often work a split day. Usually having to work quite late to get in their final few clients and then having to get up quite early to pick up a few clients in the morning. 

That usually means that sleep is the thing that squeezed in the middle and suffers as a result.

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