Interview with Paul Campey

Paul Campey has over 15 years experience in the Fitness Industry and is one of the most senior members of the Pro-Fit Personal Training team. Over the years he has covered almost every role you could have within the industry; from cleaning the gym floor, right up to managing gyms, and now, managing a Personal Training Company.

With that in mind, Paul Campey could cover so many topics of interest around the subject of ‘Personal Training’ or ‘The Fitness Industry’ or ‘Building a PT Business’ – and we will probably have him back on to do just that at some point.

But for the purposes of this interview, Paul discusses financial success. 

This is a subject Paul has just delivered as two full education days to our Level 4 & Level 5 trainers. So whilst it’s fresh on our minds as a subject, we wanted to share it with you and explore some of the key learnings from the two days of education.

Paul’s 3-step system for financial success provides you with a  framework from which you can understand how to manage, think and handle money better. It also highlights key skills you need to delve to be financially successful – something people never really talk about.

An Amazing Insight…

This episode gives you amazing insights in two key forms.

Firstly, you get a taste of how one of the best coaches, mentors and managers from within the industry has had to grow and develop his own relationship with money, picking up some key learning points along the way.

Secondly, it gives you an idea of the type of education Pro-Fit Personal Training are providing to their trainers on an ongoing basis to make sure that, not only are they developing their exercise & nutritional knowledge, but that they are developing other key ‘Life Skills’ as well.

*Side Note*

I’ve been in the fitness industry almost a decade myself now and I am yet to find another PT company providing this sort of education and support for trainers. That’s a shame because many PT’s are young, ambitious people who genuinely want to do a good job, but often, they don’t get the chance to stay in the industry long enough to achieve that, as they have never been taught the ‘Business’ and ‘Finance’ side of the industry.

If you feel support like this would help you out in your Personal Training career, then why not have a look at joining the Pro-Fit Team HERE.

Bonus Resource…

During this episode, Paul gets Me to explain the ‘Systemise Your Finances’ step of his 3-step system, as this is something he developed off the back of a webinar I delivered to the Pro-Fit Team a few years ago.

In the episode I cover that system in detail. However, I do feel that this system translates better if you can SEE what I am talking you through. So, to help you out, I recorded a separate walk-through video explaining this step of the system.

You can watch it by clicking the image below… 

Other Resources Mentioned…

Crucial Conversations – Great book for assertiveness skills

Pig Wrestling – Solve any problems in a simple manner

Tony Robbins – His UPW event is highly recommended, as is this book

Pro-Fit Education System – Find out more

Profits First – Paul’s most recently recommended book


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