What To Do When You Lose A PT Client…

Regardless of how good you are as a Personal Trainer, the reality is that at some point you will lose a client…or maybe several.

It’s a simple fact of running ANY service-based business. People will come an go. Some will stay longer than others, but ultimately, most clients will move on at some point.

And that’s fine.

Providing they leave feeling like you’ve done a great job for them, would recommend you, and now feel like you know what they are doing – you’ve done your job.

But whilst losing clients maybe ‘normal’, I also believe client retention is a massive area for improvement for many Personal Trainers. I also believe that when you lose a client, it is a HUGE opportunity to learn about yourself and your business. 

That’s what this episode is all about.

Below is an insight in to some of the topics covered in the episode…


How Do You React To Losing A Client?

Most PT’s do the following… 

  • Jump to a state of ‘panic’ and focus on what we have lost.
  • We take it personally, which isn‘t necessarily a bad thing – it means you care.
  • The reality is that in that actual moment, nothing has changed – yet.


Five Key Steps To Follow When A Client Tells You They Are Leaving…

  1. Accept responsibility
  • Even if a client is leaving through no fault of your own, accept responsibility for the fact that a client is no longer working with you.
  • Despite most people saying that they aren’t leaving for any fault of the person providing the service, in reality – they probably are.


  1. Perform a self-audit
  • Why do YOU think the person is leaving?
  • Were they getting results?
  • Where could you have been a better coach?
  • Did you provide them an amazing experience and WOW moments?
  • How well did you actually get to know them?
  • Did you let them off the hook regularly?
  • How aware were they that they can ask you for help? Did you offer help regularly?
  • Did they have a set slot and time? Or did their sessions jump around a lot?


  1. Ask for feedback
  • I would use the loss of a client to ask for feedback, which is fairly easy to do if you ask the question correctly.

Here’s how I do it. I ask…

I know my service can be better, and my aim is to always improve what I can offer my clients, where do you think my service can be improved?

This question assumes that there are areas for improvement and takes the pressure off the client admitting that there is something they believe could be better because you’ve already acknowledged that.


I always like to do this face-to-face so that I can ask follow-up questions, like… 

  • Were there any bits we did that you didn’t particularly enjoy?
  • If you were going to start this journey again, what would you like to see done differently.
  • What bits did you really enjoy and get the most value from? 

…Sometimes asking these questions can actually save you from losing a client. (give example)


  1. Make changes to your systems and process
  • Based on the feedback you receive, take action – change something.
  • What can you do when a client first joins to make your process better?
  • What obstacles can you help clients overcome before even they are aware of them?
  • What challenges did this client highlight that you weren’t aware of and need to handle better?


  1. Find the opportunity
  • Rather than immediately jumping to ‘panic mode’ try and focus on the opportunity that now lies ahead of you.
  • Get your current situation written down on paper so that you can see it for how it ACTUALLY is, not just how your mind is perceiving it.
  • Get 3 ideas down of where your next client is coming from.
  • Get clear on how your service will be better when this next client comes onboard.

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