The Big Review

Episode 11 of the Pro-Fit Podcast is a look back at the first 10 episodes we have released and a quick ‘review’ of each show.


My idea is to provide listeners with a chance to get a quick overview of each episode without having to listen to every single one. Obviously, if you want to listen to every episode, then that’s fantastic. However, I am very aware that people are busy and listen to more than one podcast at a time, so if I can make it easer for you to ‘self select’ the episodes most relevant to YOU, then I will do.

Below I will do a mini-review of each episode so that you can quickly glance over them now…

*Note* Clicking the title of any of the episode listed below will take you directly to that episode and the associated ‘show notes’. 

Episode 1 – An Intro To The Pro-Fit Podcast 

This does what it says in the title. However, I did go on to explain in the ‘Big Review’ episode that we have added to our mission somewhat. Initially, our aim was solely to help Personal Trainers improve their knowledge and skillset. However, we have been able to secure guests that can actually help clients with subjects most trainers may shy away from or now know much about. Therefore, we also want to use the podcast as a way of introducing personal training clients to the idea of ‘working on’ certain areas by getting them to understand the importance of those areas first.

A couple examples of that would be the ‘Sleep‘ episode with Ben Pratt and the ‘Alcohol‘ conversation with Andy Ramage. 


Episode 2 – Interview with Rich Malpass 

To date, this is still our most listened-to episode – despite it also being our longest episode ever recorded. 


Here’s a quick insight as to why this episode has been so popular…


– Rich’s story is both devastating and unbelievably motivational. Like all good stories, it contains an immense struggle (his gym closing overnight – literally!) and a really positive outcome despite the toil.


– His business model is something that the industry hints at but never goes in to any amount of detail in regards to explaining what it is like to actually run a semi-private personal training model. Rich does a great job of explaining this and how he overcomes some of the common ‘worries’ PT’s have in running this model. 


– Client care/retention – in the episode, Rich talks about some of the simple, yet powerful things he does for his clients to deliver an amazing service, which makes them want to continue working with him for a LONG time.

In short, this episode is an absolute MUST LISTEN for any personal trainer who wants to see what’s achievable from a face-to-face PT business. 


Episode 3 – 3-Step Gym Floor System 

Most applicable to newer PT’s, this episode outlines a simple structure for turning gym floor interactions in to consistent, high-quality leads for your personal training business.


Funnily enough, a big part of that is to stop thinking of people as ‘leads’, and instead, think of them as ‘people’. People buy from people they know, like & trust, and that is a common theme in this episode. 


Episode 4 – Interview with Matt Dewhurst 

Another great interview with a Pro-Fit Personal Trainer who, at the time of recording, had only been with the team a matter of months. 


So why did we feature Matt on the show if he was so new to the team?


Well, despite being new to Pro-Fit, Matt actually has an extensive range of experience in the industry spanning across S&C, CrossFit & Coaching. Now, as a Pro-Fit Personal Trainer, Matt has built himself a very successful business that allows him to coach people and educate fellow team members, whilst building his own business.


In this episode, he explains how this is very different from his experience elsewhere in the industry with previous jobs and roles he held. 


Episode 5 –  The Power of an Excellent Consultation Process

This episode followed on nicely from where Episode 3 left off.


In this show I discussed the simple system I use once a potential client has reached the ‘consultation’ stage of the sales/buying process.


The idea here is that you use the principles in episode 3 to generate a stream of good quality consultations based on building genuine relationships with people. Then, once a person is ready to hear how you can help them, you have a process for showing them what you can do for them and give them a taste of the quality of your service.


As with most things in your business, I believe that this is a system you build, refine and repeat for maximum results over time.


Episode 6 – Setting Up New Clients for Success 


Following on from Episode 5, I shared with you the systems I use to set new clients up on a successful journey. This episode was created on the assumptions that…


1. You now know how to generate leads on a consistent basis.


2. You now have a system for converting those leads in to clients.


This next step systemises what you do with your clients in the early days to set them up for maximum success and to make sure that they are achieving the results they set out for.


It also provides you with a great blueprint for building excellent relationships with your clients, so that they are more likely to ask for help and support – meaning you actually get chance to help them more. 


Episode 7 – Simple Step to Better Sleep with Ben Pratt

In terms of information people NEED to hear right now, I’m going to put this out there as one of the most important podcast episodes recorded in recent times.

That’s quite some claim, I know!

However, when you listen to some of the statistics that Ben share in this episode about how much the majority of the population are lacking in both quality and quantity of sleep, you will be amazed. That, coupled with his explanations around its affect on our physiology, makes for quite an eye-opening piece of content that really had our listeners taking serious lookout how they approach sleep and what changes they need to make.

Regardless of who you are, who your business serves or what aspects of your health you are interested in, improvements in sleep will help you in every facet of your life, and therefore, needs prioritising. Ben explains exactly how you can do that in some very simple ways.


Episode 8 – Financial Success for PT’s with Paul Campey 


In my humble, yet somewhat biased, opinion – this is another MUST LISTEN episode if you are a personal trainer or run any sort of fitness business.

In fact, you could argue that if you have any interested whatsoever in improving your financial status or relationship with money, then this episode has been handcrafted just for you.

Inside this episode you will find an exact system/blueprint for building a mindset and a system that will allow you to achieve financial success in your life.


Episode 9 – 3 Key Books 


In this solo-episode I shared three book recommendations that have helped me in building my fitness business over the last 8+ years. The idea was to share with you some books that weren’t necessarily written for our industry but can be directly applied to the work we do or the businesses we are trying to build.


Episode 10 – How To Handle Losing A Client & What To Do Next

Losing a client sucks…like, really sucks.

You work hard to build your business and just when you start to feel like things are working out and you have some consistency with your diary and income, someone drops off. 

It can start to feel like you will never reach a ‘safe’ place within your business.

This episode covers a process I have used over the last few years whenever I have lost a client to ensure that…

1. I better my services to lose fewer clients in the future

2. I get the opportunity to ‘save’ that client

3. I get valuable feedback that can improve my service

It is my belief that EVERY PT and fitness business owner should have a process like this in place, and if you don’t, I worry that you may be missing out on feedback that could literally change your business in unimaginably positive ways.


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