An Interview with Ben Coomber

Ben Coomber is a thought leader and expert within the health and fitness industry. Specifically, Ben is renowned for being a Nutrition Expert and building one of the industries finest education platforms for Fitness Professionals.

Over the years Ben has been involved with…

– Personal Training

– Online Coaching

– Live Speaking & Presenting

– Running a Supplement Company (Awesome Supplements)

– Authoring of Several Books

– Running a Leading Education Company (BTN Academy)

In short, there isn’t much that Ben Coomber hasn’t been involved in when it comes to the world of health, fitness and nutrition.

Things Discussed…

In this interview with Ben Coomber, we discuss a wide range of topics around life, fitness and business. Things like…

– How NHS admissions and Obesity rates suggest that Personal Trainers may need to change their messaging and service offerings if we are to impact more people on a bigger scale. Specifically, those who need the help most.

– The importance of acknowledging the current mental health issues that already exist, and are being created, by the fitness industry.

– How Ben leverages his team and external experts to grow and scale his business way beyond the limits of most other fitness professionals.

– Why Ben massively restricts his use of social media, without it having a negative impact on his business.

– The great work Ben is doing with the BTN Academy and Awesome Supplements.

…Plus much more.


Books/Resources Mentioned…


Ben’s Businesses – BTN Academy & Awesome Supplements  

– Extreme Ownership – Jocko Willink & Leif Babin   

– 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Steven Covey 

– How To Be An Awesome PTFREE DOWNLOAD

Snippets From The Show…



Success Isn't Easy...

“I worked two jobs. I worked as a van driver during the day and a Barman at night. So I worked, like, 12 hours a day & went to the gym when I was 18. 

And you know, I just gave myself a good platform for the future and just realised that, in life, we have an abundance of opportunities. You’ve just got to be willing to take them and I just started to take them from a really early age. And I think that just obviously set a very positive environment for me to be successful in the way that I have been.”



Qualifications Aren't Everything...

If I went back to Uni now and tried to get a Masters or a PhD, it would not make me better at my job. I believe it would make me worse at my job. 

What I need to know now is the nuances of behaviour change how to be a better communicator, how to be a better leader.

All of those things will actually help me sculpt my message to help coach other people and lead other people and lead my business to have a bigger impact.

So it’s about having a wide skill set for myself and having a broad message to other people so they can help themselves.


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