Interview with Adam Cummins

Adam Cummins is the ‘Head of Education’ at Pro-Fit Personal Training, a well-respected nutrition coach, is studying a Masters Degree (and possibly a PhD) in Nutrition, and has over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry.

His passion for food and cooking at an early age saw him working in kitchens and learning the trade as a chef. But later, Adam discovered that this route wasn’t for him, and instead, opted for a career in the fitness industry.

Despite the change in direction, Adam’s passion for food never left him, and soon, he found himself immersed in the world of nutrition.

As an educator, Adam now spends a lot of time teaching Personal Trainers the art of Nutrition Coaching and creating behaviour change in people around food. In the interview, he does a great job of describing some of the ways in which he achieves this and how we can use ‘client types’, ‘personality types’ and other measures, to determine the best approaches for people when it comes to making nutritional changes and behavioural changes.

Resources Mentioned…

Precision Nutrition – John Berardi 

Mac Nutrition – Martin McDonald

Pro-Fit Education System – Join the Team

Snippet From The Show…



Tracking vs. Non-Tracking...

I think what happens is people just focus solely on their calories or they just focus too much intensity on their the macronutrient intake. So that’s what a tracking style would be. 


Another example would be Slimming World. For example, you track how many syns you have. So Syns/Points they’re another style. Anything where you’ve got a number and you’re almost, like, comparing what you having to that as long as like a comparison of numbers.

Non-tracking is very much going down the road of habit based building. So you’ve got things like gradually increasing protein, increasing veg into one’s diet, it could be… some kind of fasting. So actually just using a fasting approach to create an energy deficit, instead of counting calories if you just remove breakfast. So non-tracking is just a way of basically getting results without having to record and track every single thing that you eat.

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