An Interview with Andy Ramage 

Andy Ramage is creating a movement. 

A movement the world needs. 

Andy, along with his team at One Year No Beer, are giving people the opportunity to experience life without alcohol. Their no-alcohol ‘challenges’ are helping people discover a different version of themselves that exists beneath the ‘haze’ of regular alcohol consumption and ‘middle-lane’ drinking, as Andy likes to describe it. 

In this episode, Andy goes in to detail about his own personal journey with alcohol, how his consumption was affect by his career, how his consumption affected his health, and how removing alcohol for a short while completely transformed his life.  

He also provides a great psychological insight as to what this journey is like, it’s affect on our mental health and how changing habits and routines are the key to success. 

In his book, The 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge, Andy and Ruari Fairbairns, set out a ‘framework’ from which you can gain the support and forward planning required to make a challenge like this successful.

Whether you want to drink less or not, if you are an alcohol drinker then this episode is a must-listen, as it will provide you with an idea of what life could be like simply by taking a short break from the booze. 

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Snippets From The Show…

In the interview, Andy Ramage doesn’t just give insights in to an alcohol-free life. He goes further than that. There’s insights in to the impact on business, health and mindset.

Here are a few of my favourite snippet from the interview for you to sample…


Success Despite The Odds...

If you turn up and bang the drum, you’ll do business. If you don’t, you won’t – so you’ve gotta be on the ball and that business, that people said would fail, against all the odds – because we were completely unknown in the industry – went on to grow 7x bigger, in half the time.

We are now the number one, I stepped down from that business six months ago, but it’s the number one business in crude oil in the in Europe and in the U.S. It’s massive success all because I took a break from the booze. I mean, it’s unbelievable!



Get Alcohol Out Of The Way...

I think you’ve got look at yourself all the time
and think like… “what can I do to make myself most functionally vibrant and healthy?” and it is ticking all the usual boxes that we know about. That is why alcohol is an absolute nightmare, right? Because it just gets in the way of all the stuff that we need to do. It
gets in the way of our consistency around; the
way that we eat, the way that we exercise, and the way that we have quiet time.

There was an argument that alcohol is great for connection, but you know, you can have the counter-argument of that too because when you retrain yourself to be sociable without alcohol, you still get that wonderful connection, but you’re even more sociable the next day, if you know what I mean.
So those fundamental elements to a life well-lived are easier to stay consistent with.


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