Interview with Tom Bainbridge

Tom Bainbridge is the head educator and manager of the BTN academy, alongside its creator – Ben Coomber. His level of knowledge and expertise in the area of ‘Nutrition Coaching’ is second to none, and in this episode, we dive deep in to a couple of key nutrition coaching concepts.

Tom also talks about; the future of the fitness industry and the impact we WILL see from AI (Artificial Intelligence), his most recommended books, some key dieting myths…and much more.

If your work or business involves helping people with their nutrition, then this interview is an absolute must-listen and is something I would recommend all PT’s explore, whether you are brand new to the health and fitness industry, or have been around for years.

Books/Resources Mentioned…

BTN Academy – Managed by Tom Bainbridge

Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition & Fitness – A book Tom suggests ALL PTs should read.

The Power of Habit

Free Will

Poverty Safari

Shogun – A book Tom attributes to helping him become a better writer. He recommends reading good novels for this purpose.

Snippets From The Show…


AI In Fitness Is Already Here...

Back to the A.I thing… If you don’t believe that artificial intelligence can replace what you do, know that there was a Patent filed somewhere around six months ago, which was for basically an Under Armour skin thing.  

It can track a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, body weight and weight gain & lost lost by testing how stretched it was and that could then predict, using algorithms, that person’s ideal calorie
and carbohydrate intake, as well as recommend a protein intake based on their body weight.

That’s already been invented! 

And so if you think that your job is safe for the next two years and all you’re doing is you’re using a macronutrient calculator on the internet, and then telling people to use my fitness pal, you need to do more.


Stop Being 'Clinical'...

One thing that I tell our students is… if you’ve got a consultation form and it’s got all these questions on. The best thing you can do with that is you can email that over to them about a week before your consultation, or whatever time frame you’ve got and say…

“Right, here’s this – have a look at it and do it in your own time. Send it back to me and, in the consultation, we’ll talk about it”

And then you can just have a conversation with a person in the consultation. You can build rapport, you can focus on areas that you think are particularly important, but most importantly, you can build trust
and you can judge what their attitude towards all of this – through their intonation, through their body language and through the words that they say.

Rather than sitting with a consultation form on a clipboard, and a pen, and just asking them questions again like a doctor.

Because I think that approach just makes it seem cold
and if any if PT and Nutrition Coaching is should be anything… It’s not clinical.

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