Is Personal Training Dead?

To give you some context, this episode has been recorded off the back of me seeing several posts and adverts on social media claiming that ‘PT is dead’, and therefore, you need to look at starting an online PT business.

Now, to be clear, this episode is not a debate about Online PT vs. In-Person PT, that is a whole different conversation that we may address in the future. 

Instead, this episode directly addresses the question of…’Is Personal Training dead?’ and we do that by looking at the 2019 statistics of the fitness industry. From there, we look at if the statistics back up the claims being made.

What else do we cover?

After addressing the initial question posed at the start of the episode, we then look at what we need to be doing to stay ahead in the industry, especially if people DO believe the industry is dying.

I look at why people might feel like the industry is struggling – even if the statistics suggest otherwise – and what individuals may need to do if their business isn’t thriving, despite the current conditions of the fitness industry.

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