Interview with Alex Lenkowski

Alex Lenkowski has been part of the Pro-Fit Team for almost 5 years. In that time he has managed to; build a successful PT business, become a huge part for our Education Team, start working on a semi-private business model and has also had amazing success as an American Footballer.

He has also educated himself to the point where he could be considered one of the top S&C coaches in the country, under the age of 30.

Despite all that success, Alex’s journey (like most) has seen a few bumps along the way. In this episode he talks to us about his journey so far, what he’s learnt and what philosophies around coaching clients he has developed along the way.

We also discuss his top recommended books (see list below) and he even turns the tables and start to ask me (Matt) the host some questions about what I do and how I find my role as a Mentor.

You can find Alex across various social platforms using the handle: Alex Lenkowski – Performance.

Recommended Books…

 Here is a list of the books mentioned by Alex in this episode…

Extreme Ownership

The Oxygen Advantage

Why We Sleep

Supple Leopard

Essentials of Strength & Conditioning

Conscious Coaching

Challenging Beliefs

Unlimited Power

These are books that Alex recommends as ‘Key Reads’ to cover different aspects of life, coaching & career.

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