Interview with Becki Keegan

Becki Keegan has worked her backside off to achieve an amazing level of success in the fitness industry in a short amount of time. In her time as a Pro-Fit Personal Trainer she has; built a solid PT business (now working only 4 days per week), has competed in top-level bikini competitions with great success, managed to buy her first home, and is now working towards opportunities as a Pro-Fit Mentor. 

In short, Becki is living proof of the type of success you can experience if you are passionate about something and dedicate yourself to becoming excellent at what you do, whilst serving others. 

In this episode you will get a glimpse at what Becki’s journey has been like and what sets her apart as a Personal Trainer.

We cover topics such as…

– Looking after your clients

– Working towards an ideal work diary

– Approaching people on the gym floor

– The ups and downs of business

– What she learnt from her success in physique competitions

…Plus much more.

Links from the interview

If you’re looking for some of the things mentioned in the show, you can find the key links below…

Becki on Instagram

Pro-Fit Personal Training

Interview with Rich Malpass

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