7 Strategies To Double Your PT Business

Would you like to double your PT Business?

…I thought you might.

In this episode I break down seven simple strategies that can help you double the amount of clients you are working with.

Separately, these strategies work well and are fairly easy to implement. However, the real magic is when you start to use these in conjunction with one another and see the results compound.

Below is a brief breakdown of each strategy. For a full explanation, please listen to the full episode.

Strategy 1: Get Your Ass On The Gym Floor!

This strategy underpins many of the other strategies mentioned below and is something you should be making a conscious effort to do on a consistent basis. 

Taking the time to engage with new, and current, gym members is an easy way to interact with people, build relationships with them and make them aware of how you might be able to help them – should they ever require your help.

In Episode 3 of the Pro-Fit Podcast, I did a full breakdown of a 3-step gym floor system.

Strategy 2: Collaborate With The Sales Team

Working alongside the sales team in your gym makes sense for any Personal Trainer. They are the first contact any new member will have with the gym and a good relationship with these individuals will help you generate a steady stream of leads from people who mention they would like a PT when they join the gym.

Why not see how you can help the sales team out and add value to them, so that they want to help you out in return.

Offer to train them for free, see if you can help them with gym show-arounds, offer to do some outreach with them…there are lots of opportunities to help. 

Strategy 3: Run Free Clinics

As part of your gym floor strategy, I recommend adding in free ‘clinics’ for gym members. These are set times at which you will help members with a specific area of health and fitness.

For example, you might run a free ‘Body Fat Testing’ clinic, or a free ‘Postural Assessment’ clinic. You might even run something nutrition related.

Strategy 4: Reconnect with Ex-Clients & Leads

As a business owner, you should always make a concerted effort to stay in contact with previous clients and any ‘leads’ you have. This strategy builds on that by making an extra effort to get these people back in to the gym. You can do this in a number of way, but in its simplest form, you can offer out a free session to them.

Reconnecting with people in the right way can be an easy way to re-engage people with your business and remind them of how your service can help them. 

Strategy 5: ‘Bring A Friend’ Sessions

If you already have a client base, then you also have access to another group of people who may be interested in working with you. Each person you work with will directly know at least one other person who would benefit from working with you. 

Your job is to deliver excellent results to your clients, so that other notice their results and start asking your client what they have done to get those results.

These people will want to know how to get involved with your services too. Bring a friend sessions offer an easy, convenient way for your clients to refer business to you.

Strategy 6: Seminars

Running free seminars in your gym is a great way to position yourself as an expert. When you use this strategy in conjunction with your gym floor efforts and the ‘free clinics’, it becomes very easy to fill a free seminar with an engaged audience.

If you’re already out helping people in your gym it makes it much easier to let them know about your free seminar and then offer a paid solution at the end of your presentation.

Strategy 7: Client Referrals

Finally, make sure you are using review sessions with clients as an opportunity to ask for referrals. Assuming you’re doing a great job, your clients will be getting great results. Therefore, they will be happy to let other know about you and your service.

As good as this is, you have to remember that your clients are not sales people and it is your job to make the process of referring business to you as easy as possible.

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