Rich Hopkins: PT Sales, Lead Gen & Motivation

This episode features an interview with ‘Sales Wizard’, Rich Hopkins.

Rich has been in the PT industry for 10+ years, and during that time, has built some amazing systems and strategies for generating leads and sales within any fitness business. Today, he shares some of his best content with you, as well as many resources.

Use the links above to watch or listen in full, and below, find the key resources mentioned from the show.

Key Point 1: Motivation

Before you even think about making sales within your business, you first have to understand what your motivation is.

Why are you doing this?

Knowing this will get you through the tough times and help you understand you ‘pain’ and ‘pleasure’ points.

Motivation usually takes shape in the form of ‘Pain’ and the desire to ‘move away’ from that pain.

Despite this form of motivation being excellent for getting you started, at some point the motivator has to switch completely. 

Long term motivation is found in the pursuit of ‘pleasure’ or something perceived as ‘pleasurable’. 

This is where Rich starts when educating Personal Trainers about making sales. He wants them to know the ‘pain’ they are moving away from and the ‘pleasure’ they are ultimately seeking.

**Side Note** Rich mentioned Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in the episode, so I have included an image of that below for those who have never seen it…

Key Point 2: Lead Gen ‘Tactics’

In his interview, Rich mentioned that our newest trainers had come up with a list of lead generation strategies that were working well for them.

So below, I have included this list for you to review and use in your own business as ideas of how you can change your gym floor approach…

– 2 week trial flyering
– Gym floor challenges
– Running/taking part in classes
– Giraffe theory (explained in the episode)
– Raffle with PT-based prizes
– Questionnaires
– Clinic (BF, Posture, stretch, etc)

Key Point 3: ‘One Percenters’

Lead gen – Using trackers, following up leads and having a system to do that, knowing what works, having a plan, aiming at the right people

Rapport build – find the irrational passion, do some research, make mini agreements

Reduce consult cancellations – Follow a system, utilise things from your conversation, scripts

Consult – Hit all the bases, use a reminder, show and tell, take the pressure off

Objections – If you have rapport, objections are easy. Get a decision. Help find a solution as a team. Scripts!!

Sign ups and Bailers – Contract, be assertive, get a payment system. We have 1 option.

Client care, Schedule – Use a relationship tracker, learn about their lives, plan a block in your diary to do these things each week. Use a check in, have 4 or 5 points of contact with clients each week.

These ‘One Percenters’ are ideas Rich has for improving each of the seven main parts of the sales process that he has outlined. By increasing each area by a small amount (1%), we can see a compounding effect on sales results.


In true Rich Hopkins style, there were a couple of fun elements to this interview. The first was when I asked him about his favourite Go-Jetter, he sent me an image below to include for you so you knew which one it was! And he also revealed (after the recording) that he had been set a challenge of include 3 random phrases in the interview. He succeeded and I had no idea what they were – see if you can spot them!

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