Interview with Chris Lenkowski

Ever wanted to become awesome at coaching people and understanding what makes them tick? 

That’s what Chris Lenkowski has achieved.

‘Goal Setting’, ‘Mindset’, ‘Coaching’ – Call it what you want. Understanding the people you work with in your Personal Training business and being able to impact them is a HUGE part of your job.

As Chris says himself in the interview: “One workout won’t change you. But one coaching session might“.

Giving our clients the opportunity to take a step back, ask themselves what they want, and understand – why?, is a massively impactful process we can facilitate.

And yet, as important as it may seem, it’s something many PT’s shy away from or become very uncomfortable with.

In this interview with Chris Lenkowski, from Pro-Fit Personal Training, we discuss the coaching/goal-setting process and better understand its impact on mindset, and ultimately, client results.

We dig in to why people might shy away from it and how they can improve their confidence in this area.

We also get a great insight in to just how much self development and education Chris has undertook in this area of practice.

It all makes for a very insightful episode.

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