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Matt: (00:09) Welcome to episode 30 of the Pro-Fit podcast. Today we are going to take a look at six strategies you can use now to set your fitness business up for success in 2020. So, we’re going to take a quick look ahead into next year and look at what you can be doing now to make sure that next year is as successful, if not even more successful than 2019 has been for you. And we’ll have a look at some of the things you can be doing in the last few months of this year early on into next year and what we can do to make the most of that time. So, let’s dive right into strategy number one

Matt: (00:51) Okay, so let’s start with the here and now and looking at what you can be doing with your business right now. Strategy number one is going to link nicely into strategy number two. So, it’s imperative that you get this bit right. So, first and foremost, we need to make sure that you do an amazing job of organizing your Christmas diary. Now is the time to get ahead of schedule and look at what time you’re going to be taken off over Christmas and where your clients are going to be at and make sure you start working around that now, plan for it now Christmas is coming. I’m sorry to make you aware of that in October, but it’s happening. It’s coming. It’s going to be there very, very soon. Your clients are aware of that. You’re aware of that. Be proactive and take care of it now, so make sure that everyone you work with and everyone you help understands when you’re going to be working, when you’re not going to be working and that you understand when are they going to be training, when are they not going to be training and plan around those things now so that both you and your clients know exactly where you’re up to, know what to expect from one another and most importantly know when you’re going to be sort of starting up again. Matt: (02:02) I don’t really like to use that term starting up again, but you know what I mean. In terms of when you’re going to be back in together in the new year. Um, rather than missing those first few early weeks of the year, like sometimes people do when the sought of think, Oh well I’m not quite ready to come back yet, or whatever it is, plan these things now and make sure you’re ahead of it so that you can plan your time around when your clients are going to be here and not be here. And they can plan their time around you as well. It just makes you not get frustrated over the Christmas period with people not showing up or, not being in the right frame of mind or whatever it might be that throws them off their training schedule. So, I think that’s something that you can take control of now and be your head of because we know that during that period people can be a bit all over the place. Um, but it’s up to us to take control of that, not them. So strategy number one is to take control of your Christmas diary now and get ahead of the game. Matt: (03:00) Strategy number two relates to lead generation. So once you’ve got an idea of what your Christmas diary is going to look like, where people are going to be at in the new year, you might have a few clients that let you know, look, I’m not going to be around early in the year or whatever it is. People might have stuff on. You will have a very, very clear idea of what your business is going to look like over the next couple of months. You’ll know what it’s going to look like through November, December, and January. From there, you can use some of the free time that you’re going to have to start doing some groundwork now in terms of lead generation ready for new year. Yes, the gyms and the fitness industry as a whole will be busy with new faces that want help in the new year and that’s absolutely fine. That’s going to happen. It will also still be filled with the faces that are around now. Matt: (03:47) So make sure that you’re using the time now to build relationships with people, deliver value, help people wherever you can, you know, create good content, create useful resources, do what you can be doing now over these next few months to build into the new year rather than waiting for the new year to hit and then go, this is going to be easy because everyone, everyone needs help at this time of year. That just isn’t the case. You know, you need to be starting that groundwork now and it just makes more sense to make use of the time that you’re going to have over the next few months. If your diary is a little bit quieter or people aren’t in their usual slots, it gives you the opportunity to spend time out on the gym floor or creating stuff at times you wouldn’t normally get that opportunity. And you can be doing that now ahead of schedule and again, being proactive about what you want to do with your business into the new year. Um, and I’m actually going to give you an example of that in strategy number six or so make sure you listen right until the end to hear that one. Matt: (04:49) Strategy number three, links right back to strategy number one again and it’s about taking some time off. Christmas is a busy time of year. You will have had a busy year as a fitness business owner, it’s important to take a little bit of downtime. At this time of year just to give yourself chance to relax, chance to recover, spend time with family, friends, loved ones and come back bigger, better, stronger in the new year, fully refreshed, fully re-energized. I know that people have different views on how much time you should take off and when you should take time off and should you be in the gym or not in the gym in between Christmas and new year. That’s entirely down to you. What I would do is if you’re a newer member of the fitness industry, trial different ways of doing it over the next year or so. See what suits you best. Um, for me personally, I tend to take off that time over the Christmas period. Matt: (05:38) Especially now that I’ve got a young one at home. It’s about family time, but it wasn’t always that way. You know, my diary did used to look different over the Christmas period than it does now. Trial and error, different ways of doing things, you know, if you were in the fitness industry last Christmas, look at what you did last year. What worked well with that in terms of the time off that you took, did it work your clients, did it work for you? Did it give you enough recovery time, tweak things from there. If you’re brand new to the industry, have a chat with your clients, see what their expectation is over the Christmas period. Are they expecting to be in or not? And if they are, when are they going to be in? And then again, you can work around that, but it’s imperative that at some point you get a little bit of downtime and a little time off to just step away from your business slightly and then give yourself chance to reflect on what you’re doing and where you want to take things into the new year. Matt: (06:26) And that will link into some of the stuff that we’re about to discuss in some of these later strategies as well. So, for me that time off is important just to enable you a little bit of a thinking and breathing time around your business and where you’re going and what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. So that’s strategy number three is make sure that you give yourself that little bit of time off, ready to crack on in the new year, and implement some of these ideas that you’re going to have when you have time to reflect. Matt: (06:57) Strategy number four is taking us back down the lead generation route and what I think is an awesome idea at this time of year is, to make the people you already work with aware that they can buy personal training as Christmas presents for other people that they know or that they might think would be interested in using a trainer using your services. I think this is something that is a bit of a no brainer to do as a trainer. You know you’ve got a client base already. You’re already helping these people. At some point you should be asking for referrals anyway, but it’s just nice to make them aware. Look, if you’re struggling to buy your loved one or present this year, I just want to make you aware that you can buy them a personal training gift voucher or whatever it is. You want to sell them as a package and that’s a great way to get someone else using your service. Matt: (07:45) It helps your client out in terms of taking a bit of pressure off their hands to buy a present for someone and it gives you opportunity to start working with someone that your client has a relationship with and it’s just a nice way to get introduced into personal training and it’s quite nice if someone’s buying it you as a gift. It’s an easy way in for that new person as a referral and for you, it’s an easy way to sort of build and grow your business into the new year. It’s a chance for you to get a couple of people working with you that otherwise might have been bought some crap that they didn’t even really want or need, but their partner just thought, you know what I’ll just get them something for the sake of it. Why don’t we present them with the opportunity to buy a service that’s going to be really useful to them. Matt: (08:28) Couple of ways you can do this, I would always talk to your clients face to face about it. You can send them out an email and make them aware of it. You could even make a little mock-up gift card or gift voucher of what it is that you can offer them and talk to them about the benefits of obviously buying someone this over something that they probably don’t even want or need. So that’s strategy number four. Building nicely into some of the lead gen stuff. If you’re already doing proactive lead gen stuff at this time of year and another angle that you can take on that is doing some work referrals wise with the clients you’ve already got and thinking about, look, I know you’re going to be buying presents this is something that you can consider and that then helps you into the new year with taking on another couple of clients that have been referred to you. Matt: (09:10) They’re always obviously the best clients to work with because they’re already bought into the idea of working with a trainer and that based on the person they know already doing that. That’s a nice one to use. I think it’s an important one and I think it’s something that people don’t do a good enough job of explaining to clients. So, take your time explaining it to people. I’ve used it a lot in the past and I’ve used it with a lot of success, so make use of that one and hopefully you will see some fantastic results with that one as well. Matt: (09:41) Strategy number five is now relating back to you and your plans and looking ahead so you’ve planned your Christmas diary. We’ve planned some time off. I think it makes a lot of sense to use some of that time off where possible to improve your systems. Again, this is something I try and do every year and I think that Christmas, new year period is a great time to do this because it’s usually a time where you have a little bit of extra time off than you might have at other times in the year, but because your clients and that might not necessarily be sending you questions and you might not have programs to write and things like that, you can actually use that time off to work on your business as opposed to just trying to stay on top of your to do list or whatever it might be that you’re trying to do admin wise. Matt: (10:27) So for me this is a great chance to use that time off too. Yes, relax. Yes. Catch up with friends, family and loved ones. Yes, re-energize. But at the same time, I think it’s worth somewhere in there dedicating a day or two to actually reflecting on your business. Asking yourself some questions about what you’re doing at the minute and looking at some of the systems and that that you use with clients and then sort of asking yourself the question, what would this look like if I was going to improve it? How can these things be done better in 2020 and I would break down all the different facets of your business? You know, how would my lead gen look better? How would my onboarding process look better? How would my client check in process look better? How would I deliver my nutrition information in a different or better way? Matt: (11:11) Is there anything clients need training wise that can help them out? How will I communicate with my clients better? What referral strategies will they improve or start implementing? There are loads of different areas to your business that you can reflect on. Some of them you will already be doing a really good job of, and then other ones you might look at and go, right, there’s definitely room for improvement there. And it’s always nice in the new year for your clients to see something new or something improved within your business, just delivers them that nice hit of value in the new year, which is always nice to see. And it comes at a good time when they’re probably going to make the best use of that new system because they’re motivated to get back into the swing of things in the new year. So for me, this is why that conversation in strategy is a really important one. Matt: (11:54) It’s about sorting out your Christmas diary first so that then you can plan the time off like we mentioned out in strategy three and then in this one now strategy five. You can then use some of that time off to reflect and make tweaks to your business and look ahead. Whilst you’re doing that, it’s always a great time to sort of forward plan for the year ahead. If you’re big on goal setting and setting business goals and things like that, you can use some time to do that. You can have a little re look at your own sort of values and vision of where you want to take things and who you want to be working with and why. Maybe set yourself some challenges in terms of what education you want to get involved in this year, what courses you want to go on, what physical challenges you might want to try yourself, what events are you going to organize for your clients? Matt: (12:33) So there’s lots of things that you can sort of consider and reflect upon in that time. I think it’s a really, really good time of year to do it, to get both yourself and your clients excited about the new year. Then what I would do to add a little cherry on top to that little strategy there is when you make these tweaks and changes, let people know that you’ve done it. Let your clients know that you’ve made these changes. Let your clients know that these things are coming up in the new year, let the people around you know, it’s nice to get all the people excited and involved in these things because then they can see value in it as well and see that right this is someone that’s always constantly driving forwards and growing as a, as a trainer. So, I think that’s a nice thing to do. So that’s strategy number five is using this time off to actually reflect on your business and then make the tweaks to move ahead. Matt: (13:25) To finish off with strategy number six, I wanted to go back down the lead generation route and it’s something that you wouldn’t be doing until the new year but would be worth thinking about now and planning so that you can execute it in a really good way, that hopefully delivers you some excellent results. The idea with this final strategy here is to think of some sort of free challenge that you can run in the new year and capitalize on the fact that people are going to be really interested in getting some help with their health and fitness early in 2020. So, I’m going to take a little bit of time to explain this one because I think that if you do this well, it can be a massive boost to your clients and potential clients in the new year. So what I would do here is I would have a look at, what can I do for free for the month of January that’s going to add to the people I already work with and give me an excuse to get some new people involved as well. Matt: (14:20) Give me a reason to get people involved where I feel like I’m delivering them some value. So, what you might do is, is you may play on the fact that it’s new year or that it’s the year 2020. Um, and I’m just plucking these ideas off the top of my head, but let’s, let’s run with the idea of it being 2020. It might be that you run a challenge where in January you’re going to try and get people to do 20, 20-minute workouts throughout the month and you’re going to provide them with those workouts. And it can be that you’re going to give these to your clients as an add on to the service that you already give them. And you know, it’s up to them whether they use it or not. But then what you can also say to your clients is right. Get any of your friends or family or loved ones involved and in the lead generation that you’re going to be doing now in the run up to Christmas and new year. Matt: (15:05) You can be letting people know that this challenge is going to start in January and drum up a little bit of interest for that now and then let them know in the new year, right the 2020 challenge is going ahead. Are you wearing, are you out? You know, I’m going to provide you these 20 workouts that take 20 minutes, so we’re going to try and get them done in the month of January. That was just a brief example of what you might want to do. You could do any sort of free challenge and you could deliver it in any number of ways, but I want to try and get the cogs turning in your head so that you start thinking of sort of strategies and that that you might want to do. When it gets to new year, it’s easy to have loads of great ideas. The problem then is it’s, it becomes a little bit late to implement it Matt: (15:43) Well, some of these things require a bit of forward planning because it will require a bit of work, but if you start to think about some of these things now you can plan ahead and then when it comes to actually implementing it, you can actually just do a really good job of delivering whatever it is that you delivering rather than spending a load of time writing workouts and things like that. You can do a lot of that work now and then just focus on really delivering that value and that message in the right way when it comes to actually doing the challenge. This is great for a number of reasons. Number one, it’s going to massively help you clients. It’s going to really help them in the new year, get them kickstarted again, something free on top of what they already do. Number two, it gives you a chance to get friends and family members of your clients that you work with involved and help them out. Matt: (16:26) Even if they never become a client of yours. It’s just nice to know that the people around your clients are actually involved and interested in something health and fitness related as well. It gives them that support network around them, which is always nice to see. And yes, it may potentially lead to them coming into your business as a referral, which would also be very nice. And then number three gives you the opportunity to make the most of the new people that are going to be in and around your gym in the new year and start the new year by giving them a load of value. You know, you might be the first person that they meet in the gym from a personal training perspective and if the first thing you do for them, is say, do you want to take part in my free challenge? Rather than do you want to buy personal training that will stand you out ahead of everyone else and just show you that you’re there to deliver value and help them in any way that you can. Matt: (17:16) So I think that this final strategy, this sixth one is a really, really good one to start thinking about now ahead of time and spending a little bit of time and energy on now so that you can just focus on delivering it and delivering it well in the new year rather than spending those first few weeks of January actually like writing up plans and ideas and strategies like do that work now and then just focus on implementation in the new year. So that’s the sixth and final strategy is to come up with an idea that you could use as like a free giveaway early in the new year and just really establish yourself as an expert and someone that wants to help people in and around your community in the new year Matt: (18:04) So there we have it six strategies that you can use to set your fitness business up for success in 2020 and I’m just going to review those, for you again. Now just to give you a quick reminder in your head of what we talked about; you will be able to see all six of these strategies over where we host the podcast. You’ll be able to find that @mattrobinson.blog/030 that bit at the end is because this is episode 30 so mattrobinson.blog/030 I will list these six items out and give you a little bit of information about each similar to what I’ve covered Matt: (18:41) in the actual episode here today. So, let’s review those quickly. Number one was get yourself organized for that Christmas period. It was about looking ahead at your diary and your client’s diaries and making sure that you knew where you both were and what your expectations of each others are during that time period. Number two was to do some of the lead gen groundwork now ready for the new year. And that links in nicely with one of our later strategies. Number three was to make sure that you had some ah, planned time off over the Christmas period so that you just get chance to recharge, catch up with family and friends and things like that. Number four was to make sure that people are aware of the opportunity to buy personal training as a Christmas gift for someone so that they can buy sessions or a gift voucher to use against sessions in the new year as a present for one of their loved ones. Matt: (19:34) That’s a great little strategy to use in terms of helping your clients with gift ideas and getting in new business. Number five, use some of the time off that you’ve planned to improve your systems and reflect on 2019 in terms of your business year. How did it go? What was good? What can be improved? How can we do a better job of what we do for clients? How can we do a better job of what we do lead gen wise, how can we do a better job of what we do for ourselves and the challenges we set for ourselves? What goals are we looking to hit in the new year. So, use some of your time off to do that. And then number six was think of a free challenge that you can run in the new year that would help deliver amazing value to the people you already work with and to a whole host of other people that you might get the chance to work with moving forwards into 2020 just set your year off right by helping loads of people very, very early on and then seeing what comes of that further down the line. Matt: (20:29) It’s just a great chance to help a load of people and deliver loads of extra value for the clients you already help. So those are the six strategies. As I mentioned, you can see a full breakdown of those over on the blog, matt robinson.blog/030 you’ll catch all the show notes there. I’ll also link to any relevant articles and resources on there, so make sure you check that out. Final thing for today before I sign off is just to make sure that if you have listened to this episode and enjoyed it, please hit subscribe to make sure that you don’t miss out on any future episodes. It’s important that you hit that button so that you get these as soon as they go live. Regardless of where you’re listening to us on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcast, just hit that subscribe button and if this episode has been of value to you, please make sure you leave me a rating and a review as well, because again, that just really helps spread this message and help other the fit pros out there in the industry in setting themselves up for success. Matt: (21:27) That’s all for today. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through the blog using the link that I mentioned earlier on and until next time, take care of yourself. Have a good one, and we’ll catch you in episode thirty one.

How To Set Your Business Up For 2020

I’m writing this at the end of October 2019 and despite 2020 still seeming too far away to contemplate, it’s time to look ahead.

There are things you can be doing in your fitness business NOW that will have a big impact on your success in 2020. 

Small things.

Bits of planning, preparation and forward-thinking, that will set things up ready for the start of a new year.

They’re not complicated things.

They’re not even hard to implement.

But most people don’t do them, and therefore, don’t benefit from the results of having done these things well, in good time.

For help setting up your business for 2020 I highly recommend giving this short episode a listen, and as always, feel free to use the ‘Contact‘ page if you want to reach out for me and ask for any help.

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