How To Run Your First Marathon

Ever wanted to run your first marathon?

Ever wondered what your training, nutrition and general preparation for it might need to look like?

Well, Mike Robinson is here to help us all get a better understanding of how to prepare for your first marathon. In this interview he covers the basics of training, nutrition & recovery to give you the best chance of being well prepared for your first marathon. He also talks about the mistakes he made with his first marathon race and what he did differently next time.

Here’s some of the key points from my discussion with Mike…

Training: Most people seem to approach their training the wrong way round and push too hard, especially with longer distances. Mike explains how to change this approach to best avoid injury and build endurance & speed simultaneously.

Nutrition: Mike gives us an insight in to how he approach food and fuels himself before and during a race. When it comes to running your first, and subsequent, marathon – it’s vital that you get your intra-run nutrition right and provide your body with sufficient fuel.

Mistakes: When preparing for his first marathon, Mike got a few things wrong. He’s really open and honest about this in the interview and gives us a great insight as to why these things were a mistake and what he now does instead to prepare for a marathon.

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