The Tables Are Turned – The Hose Gets Interviewed 

Ever wanted to know how the host would answer some of the questions he asks his guests?

Well, in this episode the tables are turned and Matt Robinson is interviewed by Alex Lenkowski.

In the interview he asks about my learnings from hosting the podcast so far, what my business looks like, my views on managing people, being a parent and much more.

The Idea for the show was Alex’s after he appeared on the podcast as a guest back in Episode 18. After being interviewed himself, he suggested that he come on the show again at a later date and interview Me, so that people got an insight in to some of the things I do.

I’ll be honest, the thought was a little daunting at first. I’ve hosted several interviews now but had never actually been interviewed on a Podcast before.

As with most things we get asked to do, I wanted to get it ‘right’ and make sure that I answered the questions in a way in which communicated what I was actually trying to say. 

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