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Hello and welcome to the Pro-Fit podcast with me, your host Matt Robinson. In today’s show, we are going to do a rundown of the top 10 most popular episodes in 2019 on the Pro-Fit podcast. There are quite a few episodes out there now that alive and I know that some of you will have joined us at different points in time and it might be quite a lot of shows to catch upon. So I thought a useful resource for you all out there would be to review the top 10 episodes so that you can go back and listen to those. And these top 10 are based on the amount of downloads that these episodes have received. So all of them have received several hundred downloads. We’re just going to run down the most popular ones and we’ll touch on each one and give you a little reminder about what that episode was about. So as always, let’s dive right in and hear what landed at number 10

Number 10 on the list was my interview with Andy Ramage from one year no beer. And in the interview we talked about Andy’s book, the 28 day alcohol-free challenge and talked about the movement that he’s creating with one year no bear and how people using short breaks from alcohol to completely change their relationship with alcohol and improve their health, their wellness, their lifestyle, their energy levels, their productivity at work and a whole host of all the factors. The interview was excellent in terms of getting an insight as to how alcohol has become a huge part of our lives and rule society in many ways and how it makes us do the things we shouldn’t do and not do the things we want to do. So Andy was a fantastic guest to have on to talk about all of those things and I recommend that you go back and give that episode a listen if you’re interested, especially in the new year in either cutting down on the alcohol or taking a little break from it and listening to how Andy goes about that because he’s got a lot of hints and tips in there as well to help you in that journey.

At number nine, we have our interview with Becki Keegan, which was episode 19 of the Pro-Fit podcast. In that episode, we looked at all of the amazing things that Becky has managed to achieve in the fitness industry in just three short years of being a personal trainer. We took a look at how she’s built up her business, what she’s doing now in terms of online clients and getting involved with mentoring and things like that. And we’d looked at some of the things that she’d learned along the way and some of the mistakes along the way in her journey so that all you out there as listeners and as newer PTs can learn from those things and maybe even get to the same level of success that Becki has in an even shorter period of time. So that was episode 19 with Becki Keegan and that came in at number nine on the list of the most popular episodes of 2019 number eight on the list was one of our more recent episodes.

It was episode 31 with Mike Robinson and this one was how to run a marathon if you are not a marathon runner. Now, I think that if this episode had been recorded a little bit further back in time, this would probably have been in the top two or three based on how many downloads it’s received in a short space of time. Just to give you a little insight into that, it’s the only episode that features in the top 10 that isn’t from episode 20 or further back than that, so all of the other episodes that feature in the top 10 where episode 20 or before that point. The ones after that point haven’t yet been around long enough to accumulate enough downloads to feature in the top 10 other than this one with Mike Robinson. So, it’s clearly a very, very popular episode and one that a lot of people have taken a lot from.

In this interview, we took a look at how Mike prepared for his first London marathon. Some of the mistakes that he made there. How we then took that into the Loch ness marathon and improved vastly in his approach to training and nutrition and recovery. We talked about what he’s going to be doing moving forwards with his training because he’s doing the London marathon again. And it was just great to get an insight from someone who isn’t, you know, a natural marathon runner. He’s not a guy that’s done hundreds of marathons and things like that. He’s still in the early stages of learning what this takes to be someone that runs marathons and improves times and he’s making mistakes along the way in sharing those with people. So, it’s great to hear this sort of help and advice from someone that wouldn’t consider themselves a high-level athlete in, in this arena. Um, so he’s, he’s making the same sort of simple mistakes that we would make if we were going to go out there and do this tomorrow and we can avoid those and make a better job of it. Just by listening to that interview with Mike. So that was episode 31 with Mike Robinson, how to run a marathon if you are not a marathon runner.

Number seven on our top 10 was our interview with Ben Coomer a while back where we had him on in episode 12 and in the episode, we talked about a variety of things with Ben. We did try and keep the conversation away from nutrition because it’s something that Ben has spent a lot of time talking about. So we talked more about his views on the industry or his journey in the industry. You know, what he’s working on at the minute, how he’s trying to help and educate fitness professionals out there. Um, we talked about like the business side of his business and things like that, like how we manage these things and how we use his, his teams helping get a lot of stuff done. So we, we use this interview to talk to Ben about a lot of subjects that he probably hasn’t been asked about before in all the podcasts because a lot of the stuff that he does, is very much nutrition related. So that came in on the list at number seven and that was episode 12 with Ben Coomer.

Number six on our top 10 was actually a solo episode with me. This was episode number 10 and the title of the episode was how to handle losing a client and what to do. Now in this episode I went through step by step process that I follow once a client tells me that they’re thinking of leaving or wants to leave and how I go about handling that situation. Because when you lose clients, especially if you’ve worked there with them for a long time, it can be quite personal thing. It can be something that you know, hits you hard and it’s difficult to deal with even if you’ve been in the industry a while. But especially as a new trainer when you’ve got very few clients, it can feel like your world is falling apart. But I believe that when you lose a client, there’s a lot you can do to actually learn from that process and become bigger, better, stronger moving forwards. And there’s probably a few things in there that you can do to actually help your business and maybe even not lose that client as quickly as you might have done. So that episode has proven very popular because he’s very sort of how to and very sort of step-by-step. So regardless of whether you knew or not, that’s a great episode to listen to. But if you are a newer trainer in the industry, it’s an absolute must. Listen, so that was episode 10 how to handle losing a client and what to do.

Number five on our top 10 we are halfway. There is episode number four with Matt Dewhurst and the title of that one was from CrossFit to Pro-Fit with Matt Dewhurst. In this episode we did an interview with at the time one of our newer trainers at the team. Um, and we looked at how he had gone from running and managing and, and being involved in a CrossFit box to jumping over to Pro-Fit and becoming part of a PT team. So we talked about that transition from one to the other and how he’s built his business. In that time. We went into some of his thoughts on CrossFit and where it may be fits into a personal training arena and how it can be maybe used for some good and where its maybe sometimes being used in in a way that isn’t so good and things to look out for.

So this interview was proven very popular because not only was it about something that a lot of people are interested in in terms of CrossFit, it also painted a picture of this story of Matt’s transition from one business to another and going into that self-employed arena and all the struggles that go along with that and building that up from day one. Matt is a very, very high level coach in terms of the stuff that he’s done in the past. He’s been involved with like high level tennis players and things like that. Great strength and conditioning background. And he’s now involved in doing a lot of the systems that we do in our team and improving the education we deliver. So, there’s a lot of content in there, it’s an excellent interview. I recommend you go and listen in on that one, especially if you’re interested in strength and conditioning and CrossFit. Have a listen in and get some of Matt’s views on those things. That was episode number four from CrossFit to Pro-Fit with Matt Dewhurst.

Number four on our top 10 was another solo episode with me. And this was episode number six, setting up new clients for success. And again, I think this was very popular, um, in a similar manner to the how to handle losing a client’s episode because it was very sort of step-by-step and broken down and he’s a bit of a how to. So this was my model for what I do when I take on a new client as an onboarding process to make sure that I set them up for success very, very early on in their process and their journey. Something I’m very conscious of is making sure that people, you know, have a very easy transition into my services and that we set them up in the right way so that they can succeed.

So, this one comes in at number four on the top 10 list setting new clients or for success. And again, similar to the other the solo episode I mentioned, you know, regardless of whether you’re new or old in the industry, it’s got a place in there. There’ll be something you can take from this board. Absolutely. If you’re a newer trainer in the industry, if you’ve been, if you’ve been part of this industry for sort of less than 18 months, maybe even two years, this is something that can probably have a huge impact on how you onboard clients. Um, and get an insight into the things that I’ve learned over the last eight, nine years of being a PT and things that I’ve tried and changed along the way. So this episode comes in at number four on our top 10 list. It actually missed out on the top three by one download.

So, the one that comes in at number three on the list, beat this episode by one singular download as of recording. So number three on our top 10 list, we are now at the business end of the charts. This is episode number eight with Paul Campey and it was the three step system for creating financial success. So it’s come in our top three It’s clearly been a hugely popular episode and I think one of the reasons for that is because we discuss something that doesn’t often get covered in regards to running a fitness business and that was how to set yourself up for financial success. So we used Paul Campey’s three step system that he teaches to our trainers around finance and how to manage that. We also outlined one of the models that I use in terms of how to know where to send your money once you get paid for your services and how to divvy that up into like personal account, business account tax account and things like that.

I even created, um, a short YouTube video to walk you through that process. And I’ll, I’ll link to that in the show notes. I’ll link to all these individual episodes and that video in particular so that you can see that, um, done as a live presentation cause it will help you much better understand what that actually looks like. And we talked about some really interesting stuff in this episode with Paul. We talked about things like assertiveness, which you know, assertiveness, forms, part of communication and is not necessarily something we would tie in along with finance, but actually the certain skills that you need as a person in terms of your communication that would allow you to be better able to talk to clients about money and understand, you know, their concerns and get across your message in terms of how you need paying, when you need paying and why you need paying a certain way.

Um, and, and then also like being assertive with yourself in many ways and being honest with yourself about you know, what you’re doing with your money and where he’s going and why it needs to be divvied up in certain ways. So episode eight was a great one for actually understanding some of the fundamentals of the business side of a fitness business. So dive into that one. Um, I will, uh, will pre-frame that by saying the, it isn’t financial advice. We are not financial advisors that’s not what we’re here for. It’s just an insight into some of the models and systems that we use within our business to help trainers understand how to create financial success much quicker than any of us did. Um, to the point now where we’ve got trainers that have been with us, you know, only two or three years and, and are doing very, very well for themselves financially because they’re not just earning good money but the looking after it in the right way.

So that’s a great one to listen to. Number two in our top 10 only just missed out on the number one spot, but this was our episode with Ben Pratt, where we discussed sleep, the importance of sleep, how to assess it, and then strategies to improve it. So this was a very, very in depth discussion with Ben. Um, it was episode number seven and we talked about all things sleep. Basically we talked about some of the physiology of sleep, what goes on when we sleep. We talked about sleep cycles, the length of those, how many of those you should get in a night We talked about like trackers and how people are using trackers to track the sleep and where there potentially good and bad. Um, you know, we discussed all sorts of lifestyle factors relating to sleep and simple things that we can do to just get a better night’s sleep and make sure that we get enough sleep as well.

Um, we know that there’s been a big increase in awareness around sleep over the last few years and I think a lot of that conversation has gone more towards quantity of sleep and making sure you get sort of this seven to eight hours that people talk about in the episode with Ben, where we probably went a little bit more in depth was on the quality side of things. So that even if you weren’t quite hitting that seven or eight hours and making sure that you’ve got good quality sleep, because even if you’re in bed for seven to eight hours, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you get in that many hours of good quality sleep. So it’s something that we could all do a better job of. And in terms of health, it’s something that we all already do. You know, there are lots of things in regards to our health where it’s us trying to stop doing something or start doing something new when it comes to sleep.

Sleep is always going to be part of what we do on a daily basis that directly impacts our health. So it makes sense to really educate ourselves on that and actually do a better job of that. And that’s something that’s massively important. In a same, in a similar vein, so one of the recent episodes we did with Patrick McKeown about breathing, taking care of these things that we do on a consistent daily basis that do impacts our health, that, you know, assault, non-negotiable. We have to do them. It makes sense to spend a bit of time learning more about these areas and making sure we made the most of those. So check that one out. It is episode seven with Ben Pratt and we go really, really deep into sleep. He mentions some great resources as well and Ben even does a sleep recovery specialist course that you can get involved in to help you understand this further and actually become qualified in this area. So I would check that one out because I know it was a fantastic episode cause I was the guy that did the interview but it has proven very, very popular amongst our listeners and our subscribers. So check that one out, if you haven’t done so already, this is not just for those of you that are trainers. Make sure that you share this with your clients as well because this will massively impact them and the results that they then get with you. If we can help them educate themselves on getting better sleep.

So, finishing off our top 10 landing in the number one spot, let’s have a little bit of a drum roll there. Number one on our list is our episode with Rich Malpass on building a semi-private personal training business. Now this was actually the first interview, we ever did, it was in episode number two of the Pro-Fit podcast. If you want to check it out, that’s where you’ll find it, again I’ll link up to all of these in the show notes at the end. This one was a great episode because not only was it nice just to have a chat with a good friend of mine and understand like what we’ve both done in our businesses over the years cause we both started at the same time and where things have gone. We actually went deep into a topic that a lot of people are very interested in at the minute, which is how to actually build and run a successful semi-private personal training business model.

Something that gets mentioned that you should go and do, but no one really actually takes the time to explain what it looks like and why you should do it and how you might want to package that together and what you might charge for a service like that. Rich Malpass has gone away and figured all these things out in his own way and he does a great job in this episode of presenting that information to the listeners so that you can understand it. Off the back of this episode, um, rich actually did a full day of education with our trainers about this topic because there was so much response in terms of people wanting to know more about this and how to do it properly so that we weren’t just grouping people together purely for the sake of being able to charge more per hour and save some time in our diary.

It has to be very much value driven and making sure that people still get value from those sessions. And Rich does a great job of explaining how he does that and how he makes sure they service remains high. So this lands at number one in our top 10 most popular episodes of 2019 I think it’s very thoroughly deserved in terms of the quality of content that Rich went through in there. So it looks like most of you have already checked out the episode already based on the downloads that it’s received, but if for any reason you haven’t done or there’s someone that you can think of that you might want to share it with them, please do. That was episode number two and that right there is our top 10 most downloaded episodes on the Pro-Fit podcast for 2019

There you have it our top 10 most downloaded episodes of this year. It’s been a fantastic year for the podcast we started at or around April time if I remember rightly, we’ve had some fantastic guests on. We’ve covered a lot of topics, um, and it’s given me a lot of energy and enthusiasm for what we can bring your way in 2020. I really do want to go all in on this idea of providing excellent education to the fitness industry as a whole and making sure that you’ve got an excellent resource when it comes to helping yourselves with building your own business, but also actually delivering an amazing service to your clients. So whether that’s improving the systems that you have for looking after clients, or actually just genuinely improving the level of knowledge that you’ve got so you can actually go hands on and help your clients in a much better way. So on that note, if there are any specific topics that you would like me to cover that would help you in any of those areas, then please reach out to me. You can find me over at mattrobinson.blog. There’s a contact me page on there where you can literally send me an email directly. You can do that on there. You can also hit me up on social media and we’ll have all the links to that in the show notes.

You’ll be able to find me on there. The show notes page for this particular episode will be mattrobinson.blog/038 for episode 38. That will have the links to each individual episodes that I’ve mentioned in the top 10 on there. It’ll have the all those on there. I’ll also link to the video that I mentioned around the financial stuff. Um, so you’ll have it there as a great resource for the top 10 episodes and uh, you know, if there’s any of those you haven’t had a chance to listen into yet, then maybe give that a bit of a time over the festive period.

On that note, I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas. I know that this has actually been released on Christmas day, which is quite a funny, a funny thing to do and to think about, to think that people may be listening to this on Christmas day, but I’ve recorded it just before Christmas, so I’m wishing you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a great one in the next episode, which may or may not come out on new year’s Eve, I’ve not quite decided yet. When that one will come out. I’m going to talk to you about what’s coming up in 2020 and in particular I’ll give you a little teaser now what we’re going to cover as an in depth mini-series early on in the year. There’s the something that keeps being mentioned to me as a mentor from trainers in regards to something very specific that a lot of people want to know how to get started with or if they are already started with this, how to do a better job of it, so we’re going to go very in depth into that early in the new year.

I’ll give you a little head up. It does relate to the online side of your business, so just as a little teaser there. Now in regards to delivering that information to you, I will be doing some podcast episodes on that, but a lot of the actual how to and a lot of the guides and a lot of the links, because I’m going to try and put this together as a complete guide for you. That’s just a free resource to get you started. A lot of that is going to live on the blog over at mattrobinson.blog, but the easiest way for you to get that information is it will all be emailed direct to those of you that subscribe to the blog. So it’s free to subscribe. You just leave your name and your email address and each week I send out an email with the latest episode and secret resources and things like that.

But when we’re going through this particular mini-series, that’s where all the links are going to be sent to. You will be able to find the information on the blog. It’ll just mean a bit more work on your end. So if that’s going to be something that you’re interested in terms of getting started online, make sure that you head over to mattrobinson.blog. You’ll be able to subscribe to the email list there, or if you go to the specific show notes page for this episode, mattrobinson.blog/038 you will also be able to subscribe there. There’ll be a little box in the show notes where it mentions the secret resources and signing up for those. So that’s it for me for now, for today. Enjoy your Christmas, have a great one. Have a nice break with loved ones. Make sure you come back bigger, better, stronger.

In the new year. I will be back with you very, very shortly for some 2020 content, which will be brilliant. Like I say, we’re going to go really, really hard on the education side of things and making sure that you’ve got in depth guides and things that are going to help you really sculpt your business in 2020 and develop the areas that you really, really want to get stronger at. So make sure you check out the show notes. I’ll give that link again mattrobinson.blog/038. Make sure you hit me up on social. Give me a tag, give me a comment, give me a mention if there’s anything that can help you out with or any suggestions for episodes in 2020. And finally, my final ask for you is that if you haven’t done so already, if you have listened to any of those top 10 episodes and enjoyed them, first of all, thank you. But If you haven’t done so yet, please leave the podcast a review on Apple podcast. It just really, really helps get those episodes, the exposure that they deserve to help all the people in the industry like yourself. Um, and if you have someone specific in mind that you can share those with them, please do. Till next time, take care of yourself. Have a good one and I will be back with you very soon. Cheers.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes of 2019

It’s been a great first year of creating the Pro-Fit Podcast and somewhat of a personal journey along the way.

It’s taught me a lot, which is probably a podcast episode in and of itself, and has become something I am really passionate about continuing and growing over the next few years.

To look back on the first calendar year of the podcast, I wanted to review which of the episodes proved to be the most popular (based on downloads). 

Below, you will find the Top 10. The only caveat I have about this list is that because it is based on ‘downloads’ some episodes have had much longer to accrue downloads over time, whereas others have only been live for a few weeks.

Either way, the episodes in the list below are all fantastic episodes, so it’s no surprise to me that have proven to be popular.

Let’s take a look at the list…


The Top 10…

#10 – Andy Ramage – One Year No Beer

This interview with Andy Ramage talked about the benefits of having a break from alcohol and how it can change a person’s perception of alcohol, thus leading to a better relationship with it. 

#9 – Becki Keegan – PT Success Story 

This episode was an interview with Becki Keegan and focused on her short, but successful career in Personal Training so far. In just 3 years Becki has been able to build up and unbelievably successful PT Business, buy her first house, and start making the move towards mentoring other. This is a very inspiring episode!

#8 – How To Run A Marathon Even If You’re Not A Marathon Runner 

This episode with Mike Robinson is the only episode to feature in the Top 10 that was recorded less than 6 weeks ago. What that means is that it as acquired a good number of downloads in a very short space of time when compared to some of the older episodes.

Inside, Mike talks about his journey to running his first London Marathon, the mistakes he made along the way, how he managed to get himself injured, how he came back from that and what he does now to train and nourish his body.

#7 – Ben Coomber – Life, Fitness & Business

Ben Coomber is a well-known figure in the health and fitness industry and is considered one of the leading experts in the field of Nutrition.

This episode stayed clear of talking about nutrition, as this is something Ben has spoken about at-length on many other podcasts – including his own. Instead, we focused on some of the aspects of Ben’s life and business that he isn’t often asked about and we took a look at some of his thoughts on those important areas.

#6 – How To Handle Losing A Client & What To Do About It  

One of the most popular solo-episode I have recorded that breaks down a step-by-step process of how to deal with a client that has told you they no longer want to use your PT services.

Despite being a tough thing to hear from a client, I believe that this inevitable part of running a service-based business gives you a great opportunity to learn and grow. In this episode, I explain exactly how to do that.

#5 – Matt Dewhurst – From CrossFit to Pro-Fit

This interview outlines Matt’s successful ‘jump’ from being a CrossFit Coach, to a successful business owner in the realm of Personal Training & Education. Another very inspiring story and one filled with some great technical advice too.

#4 – Setting New Clients Up For Success

Another solo episode that breaks down a common process within your PT Business in to a step-by-step format. This episode gives you an overview of my ‘onboarding’ process as a PT and what I like to do to ensure I give people every chance of success when they first start working with me.

#3 – 3-Step System For Creating Financial Success – Paul Campey

This episode gives you a fantastic framework for understanding the skills and systems you need to have in place to be able to create financial success within your fitness business.

This is practical advice from someone with over a decade of experience in the industry, who now teaches others how to implement these processes. 

You can find a 10-minute video showing you one of the key systems explained in this video using this link – Managing your money in a fitness busines 

#2 – Ben Pratt – Simple Steps to Better Sleep

It is no surprise to me that this episode has proven to be so popular. in this interview Ben gives you an amazing insight in to the role sleep plays in our lives, the physiology involved and a set of simple strategies to help improve the quality of our sleep. 

No brief ‘blurb’ would do this episode any justice, so please give this episode a listen if you are interested in getting better sleep each night and make sure you share it with other who would also like to improve their sleep too. 

#1 – Rich Malpass – Semi-Private Business Model

The most popular episode of 2019 is the first interview I ever conducted on the Pro-Fit Podcast and features a good friend of mine, Rich Malpass. 

In this episode Rich covers his journey as a PT so far, what he has learnt over the years, and more specifically, how he now runs an immensely successful semi-private PT business model. This is one of the most detailed explanations of how to run a semi-private model that you will find ANYWHERE.

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But know I want to use this to add that little extra value.

So each week when a new show goes live, anyone on the email list will not only be notified about the new episode, they will also receive a FREE resource/link to something I am using, reading or listening too at that time that is helping me.

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