Who Is

Matt Robinson?


I’ve been with this lovely lady since I was 16 years old. We’re happily married and are very lucky to have our own little family (See Below)

Myself and Leanne both work as part of the Pro-Fit Team, with Leanne heading up the admin side of the business and being an ‘Organising Powerhouse’ – as I would describe her.

Together, we make an awesome team!


Dad / Family Man

I love being a dad to our son, Oscar, and all the fun (and challenges) that brings with it. Like most dads, everything I do is for my family and my aim is to build a fantastic future for my family and enjoy every moment we have together. 

I believe in leading by example so, as a Dad, my aim is to be the type of person I would like Oscar to grow up to be and show him what’s possible if you work hard, commit to growing each day and surround yourself with the right people.

Business Owner

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for nearly a decade now and I absolutely love it!

I work with an amazing set of clients, get to personally mentor 20+ Personal Trainers, deliver educational material to the Pro-Fit Team and, of course, host The Pro-Fit Podcast.

I love working with people who are on a mission and are ‘building’ something. Whether that be a PT who is committed to building an amazingly successful business for themselves or a Client who is working hard, supporting their family and wants to build a better health for themselves.


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