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039: Forget Your 2020 Resolutions

Resolutions Don’t Work, Why Not Try This Out Instead…

038: Top 10 Episodes of 2019

Discover the most listened to episodes of the show in 2019

037: Rach Webb

Helping Clients with Aches, Pains, Joint Health & Injury Recovery

036: Upgrade Your Skills & Business

Four Recently Read Books That Matt Recommends For PTs

035: Nat Lowe

Improving Your Golf Swing And How To Niche A Fitness Business The Right Way

034: Patrick McKeown

One Simple Breathing Switch That Can Change Your Health

033: Ep. 32 Continued...

Thoughts On Online, Staying Grounded, Niches & More…

032: Matt Robinson

An In-Depth Interview with The Host of The Pro-Fit Podcast

031: Mike Robinson

How To Run A Marathon If You’re Not A Marathon Runner

030: Ready for 2020?

A Look At Whether Your PT Business Is Ready for 2020

029: Shane Williamson

From Fitness Instructor to Fully-Booked PT in Less Than 9 Months

028: Sarah Langdale

Simple Strategies To Help Clients With Mental Health Issues

027: Chris Lenkowski

Goal-Setting & Mindset with Personal Training Clients

026: A Simple Question

How Do You Join The Pro-Fit Personal Training Team?

025: Why You Eat The Wrong Things

A Quick Less in Psychology & Eating Habits

024: Five Things I Would Change

Discover What I Would Do Differently If I Started From Scratch

023: One Percenters

Take a Look at Some of The Hidden 1%’s in Your Fitness Business

022: Rich Hopkins

Get Taken on a Sales Journey with Pro-Fit’s Leader in ‘Sales Training’

021: Double Your PT Business

7 Strategies to Double Your Personal Training Business

020: Four PT Business Pillars

Add Structure To Your Business With These 4 Key Things…

019: Becki Keegan

Interview with Pro-Fit Trainer & Bikini Competitor, Becki Keegan

018: Alex Lenkowski

Keeping Things Simple To Succeed As A Personal Trainer

017: Is PT Dead?

Let’s See What The Stats Say About This Bold Claim & Find The Truth

016: Podcast Announcement

Exciting Things Are Happening With The Podcast…

015: Tom Bainbridge

Key Nutrition Coaching Concepts, Nutrition Myths & AI in Fitness

014: Andy Ramage

Going Alcohol-Free, Losing 3 Stone & Rediscovering Health (One Year No Beer)

013: Adam Cummins

Unlearn What You Think You Know About Nutrition

012: Ben Coomber

Life, Fitness &


011: The Big Review

A Look Back At Episodes 1 to 10

010: Losing Clients

How To Handle Losing A Client & What To Do

009: 3 Key Books

3 Non-Fitness Books to Boost Your Fitness Business

008: Paul Campey

3-Step Financial System for Fitness Businesses

007: Ben Pratt

Discover The Keys to Unlocking Better Sleep

006: Setting Up Clients for Success

3-Steps to Start Clients on a Successful Journey

005: Consultation Process

Explained: A Powerful 3-Step Process

004: Matt Dewhurst

The Journey From CrossFit to Pro-Fit

003: 3-Step Gym Floor System

Make Your Gym Floor Process Super-Simple

002: Rich Malpass

Building The Ulitmate Semi-Private PT Business

001: Podcast Intro

A Brief Intro to Pro-Fit PT and Our Podcast

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